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Importing Advanced custom fields

ImportWP Pro’s custom fields feature allows you to import into fields created by the popular ACF (Advancde Custom Fields) plugin version 5+.

Supported field types:

If we are missing a field type you need, let us know via the contact form and we will see if we can support it.

Import ACF Text and other Basic fields

All of the basic ACF files such as Text, Textarea, oEmbed, Wysiwyg and colour picker fields should be able to be selected via the dropdown of custom fields, if not you can check the enable text field and manually enter the fields name, then set the field type to “Text”.

Import ACF Image, and File fields

Both ACF Image and File field types require you to set the field type to “Attachment”, the value set to “Single Value”, and the Return value set to “ID”.

ACF Gallery custom fields can be imported by setting the custom field type set to “Attachment”, value set to “comma separated values”, and have the return type set to “ID”.

Import ACF Repeater field

Advanced custom fields pro Repeater fields have limited support and do not work with nested repeater fields, but we support all basic fields when used in a repeater. Unlike other acf fields we support they do not appear in the dropdown list of available fields since this is a more complex field type.

To import into ACF Repeater fields we need to use the repeater and sub field names, to find the name of the repeater fiel, we need to look at the configuration within the acf custom field group, from there we will get the name of the repeater (Number 1 in the image below), and get the name of the repeater sub field (Number 2 in the image below).

With both the repeater and sub field namesĀ  we can combine them together using the row number (starting with 0 instead of 1) to form the custom field key e.g. {REPEATER_FIELD}_0_{SUB_FIELD}.

For example we will be using a repeater that has two sub fields, to keep it simple we have a text field called text, and an image field called image. Now that we have the names of the repeater fields we can generate the custom field name for each row (custom field setup shown in the image below):

Example Custom field row 1:

  • basic_repeater_0_text – Text sub field key
  • basic_repeater_0_image – Image sub field key

Example Custom field row 2:

  • basic_repeater_1_text – Text sub field key
  • basic_repeater_1_image – Image sub field key

Example Custom field row 99:

  • basic_repeater_98_text – Text sub field key
  • basic_repeater_98_image – Image sub field key