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How to add an importer

To add an importer, click on Add New item under the ImportWP menu section, the import creator screen should load up showing basic options to get you started.

When Setting up the importer you can set the following

  1. Template – Choose the installed template you wish to use
  2. Data Source – Choose from the installed data sources:
    • Upload – Upload an XML/CSV file to import data from.
    • Remote File – Download file from remote url
    • Push Request – Accept pushed file request from remote server via POST,
  3. Data Source Settings – These will change depending on the chosen data source:
    • Upload
      • Import File – Choose the file from your computer you wish to import.
    • Remote File
      • URL Enter the Url of the remote file to be downloaded
      • Enable Cron – Setup import to be run every x amount of seconds, enter the amount of second in the input below
    • Push Request
      • Field Type – Is the request being sent as a POST request or as a FILES request
      • Field Name – Name of field that holds the file
      • Import Type – CSV or XML

Once you have filled out all the required fields, click on continue to finish creating the importer. If Successful you will be redirected to the next page to map the fields and setup the import settings.